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Lets get some rollie mate he hasn't got a bushranger. She'll be right no dramas flamin as cunning as a struth. Gutful of chewie mate grab us a parma. Shazza got us some ropeable to he hasn't got a galah. As busy as a two pot screamer how as busy as a brickie.

It'll be sheila my as cunning as a cat burying shit. Mad as a schooner mate lets get some veg out. Trent from punchy mappa tassie heaps trent from punchy bastard. Come a muster with lets throw a outback. Built like a brizzie no dramas come a pash. He hasn't got a wuss with come a rego. Grab us a bities he hasn't got a chewie. She'll be right tucker-bag also grab us a slaps. Built like a cobber mate flat out like a amber fluid. Lets throw a ute flamin grab us a corker. Built like a bush telly where as dry as a pint.

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Created by @AaronRutley, @BlazRobar, @Milchek, @Xavierverhoeven at Eleven Media
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